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We were skeptical when developing this product at the recommendation of friends who LOVE strawberry-basil smash cocktails in the summer. But we were so surprised at how this real, natural strawberry juice, cooled down with basil leaves, tastes so much better than the artificial "strawberry" flavorings you may have tried before. It's ultimately sophisticated rather than sickly sweet. Use it in cocktails, iced tea, seltzer, and lemonade...or drop it in some red wine for an incredible SANGRIA. Like all of our products, it's sweetened with a bit of honey and lemon.


Note: This product is quite concentrated and can make a dozen or more cocktails or 2.5-3 bottles of delicious sangria when mixed with a red or rose wine. Yay!

Wood Stove Kitchen Strawberry & Basil Cocktail-Mocktail Mixer

SKU: 868409000478
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