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A classic baking spice for sweets, nutmeg is also wonderful in savory applications. We directly source this fresh and fragrant nutmeg directly from Sri Lanka. It has all the nutty, peppery warmth of the whole seed, but with the added convenience of being pre-ground! Originally hailing from Indonesia, nutmeg is delicious in beverages, pies, and sweet puddings, as well as meats, vegetables, and of course, potatoes!


Origin: Galle, Sri Lanka

Tasting Notes: Nutty, peppery, woody, warm, buttery

Pairs Well With: Meat, root vegetables, egg dishes

Try In: Kandy Spice Pumpkin Jam

Special Tips: If a recipe calls for freshly grated nutmeg, halve the amount called for when substituting pre-ground

Sri Lankan Ground Nutmeg by Curio Spice Co.

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