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This salt is seriously spicy. So serious we had to pack it with hazmat suits and slap a warning on the jar! Combining flakey sea salt and a hint of Trinidad Scorpion Peppers (some of the hottest peppers on planet earth), this red salt is for those who feel too much spice is never enough. Of course, if you’re not a fan of insane spiciness, you could also just add a small sprinkle for an extra kick of flavor. That works too. From homemade hot sauces and chilis to barbecue and kimchi, you’ll want to add this spicy salt to your arsenal if you need to amp up the heat in your cooking.

Kosher Certified
Made in United States

OSMO - Flakey Scorpion Sea Salt

  • Flavor notes: Spicy, Bold & Zesty

    Texture: Flakey

    Savor with: dry rubs, soups, chili, lobster, corn on the cob, anything that needs spice!

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