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These tablets stand squarely on their own as the original recipe, which started Biddy’s Naturals. Use the Original for refreshing, invigorating vapors with strong decongesting qualities.


2 tablets per box 


Camphor Essential Oil: Eases headaches, calms the mind, decongests.
Cedar Leaf Essential Oil: Expectorant & enhances conscious thought.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Revitalizes the senses & stimulates mental focus.
Nutmeg Essential Oil: Energizing & uplifting; invigorates the mind & spirit.
Peppermint Essential Oil: Boosts energy & alertness. Clears the respiratory tract; alleviates anxiety & irritability.
Rosemary Essential Oil: Eases stress. Improves mood, alertness & energy.
Menthol Crystals: Temporarily relieves nasal congestion and discomfort.

Original Menthol "Itty Biddy's" Shower Steamers

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