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A premium blend of almonds, cashews, cacao nibs, Late-Season VT maple sugar, VT-roasted coffee, vanilla bean, and sea salt. You may be wondering...what's Mud Season?


It's Vermont's infamous fifth season in March and April. A sludgy cocktail of snow, rain, and dirt plague unpaved roads, parking lots, and anything you wear on your feet. The freeze-and-thaw weather cycle makes it ideal for making Vermont's sweetest treat: Maple Syrup. This flavor is muddied with Vermont-roasted coffee, crunchy cacao nibs, flecks of vanilla bean, and a touch of maple sugar. Just like the end of ski season, it's bittersweet and caffeinated. Enjoy!

* Ground and Jarred in Vermont * Ethically-Sourced Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Bean * Lightly Sweetened with Late-Season Vermont Maple Sugar * Vegan & Paleo Friendly * Great source of healthy fats and contains 5 grams of protein per serving * No palm oil, refined sugars, or artificial preservatives Net WT: 7.5 oz

Mixed Up Nut Butters - Mud Season

SKU: 850022042102
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