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AB0UT YOSHIHIKO FUJII - Yoshihiko Fujii was born in 1965 in Kuroe district, Kishu (Japan). Kuroe remains well-known as the center for Kishu lacquerware production. To grow his family's lacquerware business, Yoshihiko traveled alone to the Middle East, America, and Europe, exporting lacquerware products and exhibiting them at various department stores. He established`Nuri Kobo Fujii' in 2001 with the idea of ​​applying lacquer painting techniques to interior design.


For these trays, Yoshihiko uses the japanese style URUSHI technique and a unique texture on Western tableware, which created a new form of lacquerware.
His technique creates a mysterious color that is deeply dimensional and creates layers of mysterious texture, which has the effect of increasing the brilliance of the primary colors.



W5.9 x D3.94 x H0.51 (108g)

Gold Tray by Yoshihiko Fujii

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