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Summer Breeze is a fresh and bright lemongrass scent. And like all of Dorset's soaps, it is free of sulfates, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, phthalates, and palm oil. Vegan.


Dorset Daughters was founded through a family tradition of hard work and intellectual curiosity dating back hundreds of years. When the marble quarries of Dorset were cutting stones for the New York Public Library, and the spring waters that form the Gilbert Brook ran through abundant apple orchards and green pastures teaming with grazing sheep on their way to the Battenkill River, the family farm that Dorset Daughters now calls home stood as a central gathering place for both family and community. Today that family home is still there, as are the spring waters of Gilbert Brook which are a key ingredient in their handcrafted skin products.

Dorset Daughters is proud of their Vermont heritage, and by sourcing only the finest renewable, natural and responsibly-sourced ingredients through a local network of friends and partners. And, their no-nonsense formulations reflect a stalwart commitment to clean beauty standards: if an ingredient isn’t essential, they don’t use it. Pure and simple.



Dorset Daughters - Summer Breeze Liquid Hand Soap 12 oz

SKU: 742548929640
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