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Please all of your guests with assorted jars of Artichoke, Black Olive, Green Olive, Eggplant, and Sundried Tomato spreads from Les Delices du Luberon. These spreads can be used in endless ways and can create delicious dinners, appetizers, or snacks for the family. Each spread can be used in a unique way, which will provide a dining experience to remember for whomever you choose to share them with. 


The brand was born deep in Provence in the kitchen of a brave, busy mother and an amazing cook. Encouraged by her two sons, Eric and Philippe, she started selling her preparations at the local market. Then in 1993 Eric would decide to unite the people who would become the lifeblood of a deliciously tasty brand. It is an artisanal cookery based on fresh produce with no additives, colorings, or preservatives. These products are made from start to finish in Provence in the south of France with products that are all AOC selected and artisanal.

Delices du Luberon Assorted Spreads

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