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The Craic Sauce Gift set comes with one of each hot sauce that Craic Sauce produces in Lowell, MA. These hot sauces use fermentation and local sourced ingredients to create complex and flavorful sauces. 

 40 Shades of Green Chilli is a mild super flavorful and fruit forward verde hot sauce that has a blend of jalapeno, serrano, anahiem and poblano peppers. 

Golden Pumpkin marries the warmth of roasted pumpkin and pineapple with the heat of the habanero and ghost pepper.

Mill City Red is a tangy fermented hot sauce using Massachusetts grown Cayenne, Fresno, Red Habanero and carrots and beets for natural sweetness. 

Brian Boru's Curry is a fermented turmeric forward curry style hot sauce using scotch bonnet and Hungarian wax peppers with lemongrass, ginger and sungold tomato.

Heat - Mild with 40 Shades, medium with the the Mill City Red, medium to hot with Brian Boru's Curry and The Golden Pumpkin.


Started with sparks of curiosity and community, Craic Sauce has a commitment to creating local sourced hot sauces with balance, depth and lots of fresh flavor. Craic Sauce founder Brian Ruhlmann discovered his passion for craft hot sauce after experimenting with his first batch using pumpkin, habaneros and golden ghost peppers grown in his Massachusetts garden. Craic (pronounced “crack”) is an Irish word that means good times and fun. Having good craic was the guiding light of his new business, a value that is still essential to Brian and his crew today, who make their small batch hot sauces by hand in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Craic Sauce Complete Collection

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