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Two Left Feet, 2021


Molly Dooker

On the palate, the wine is tonic, salivating, with a good length.

Two Left Feet, 2021


Australia (McLaren Vale)



Varietal Composition:

Red Blend (70% The Boxer Shiraz, 15% The Scooter Merlot and 15% The Maitre D’ Cabernet Sauvignon)

Fun Facts:

"Molly Dooker" is Aussie for left hander. The winery uses nitrogen in some of their wines, including this one, to minimize sulfites and to protect the wine. This of flavor like a big round ball, nitrogen flattens that ball so if you are doing the shake, the nitrogen is released and the flavor ball pops back out to its full size.

Technical Data:

Fermentation Mode: 

Barrel fermented

Malolactic Fermentation: 


Maturation Mode & Time:

Aged in 97% American and 3% French oak, using 41% new, 27% one year old and 32% two year old barrels.

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