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Disciples, 2018


The Crane Assembly

Strawberry preserves leap from the glass initially, followed by a bouquet of floral aromatics: lavender, violets and roses. Rich earthy notes of freshly plowed soil, fresh rain on warm granite and petrichor. Spicy, but not a peppery spice, more of a star anise spiciness, tart raspberries and sweet plouts, with a very long, dusty finish of strawberry cream, vanilla and caramelized sugar that lingers…smooth and luscious!

Disciples, 2018


USA, California (Napa)



Varietal Composition:

Red Blend (49% Zinfandel, 19% Petite Sirah, 10% Charbono, 9% Grenache, 7% Syrah, and 6% Merlot)

Fun Facts:

The Zinfandel has been continuously farmed from Dr. Crane's Vineyard in St. Helena since 1885. This wine deliciously shows off the skills of Dave Phinney & Kevin Fox.

Technical Data:

Fermentation Mode: 


Malolactic Fermentation: 


Maturation Mode & Time:


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