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Serve your wine in a beautiful modern wine decanter. This colorful wine carafe aerates your wine and celebrates the art and traditions of Mexican artisans and is hand blown from recycled glass.


Quantity: 1 decanter Materials: Recycled glass Capacity: 50 oz. Care: Hand wash


PURPLE TINTED WINE DECANTER - A modern silhouette and a purple hue give this red wine decanter a vintage barware look meets contemporary style. Bring flair to your wine service with this wine carafe. Suitable for red and white wine.


HAND BLOWN RECYCLED GLASS - Handmade by Mexican artisans, this wine decanter is made from recycled glass. Serve any wine in this elegant colorful wine carafe to aerate the vintage and enhance the aroma, bouquet, and mouthfeel. 


STANDARD WINE BOTTLE – This colored wine glass decanter has a 50 oz. capacity or comfortably holds 1 standard wine bottle. Made from recycled glass, this wine carafe has a broad base for aeration and a slim pour spout for smooth pouring.

Twine Rosado Recycled Wine Decanter

SKU: 842094110278
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