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Just add water 

Makes two 8-inch pizzas

Handmade in Canaan, Maine


The Good Crust's  flour is unadulterated, perfectly fresh, and flavorful. Packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B, zinc & magnesium, whole grains are plentiful in protein, healthy fats and oils, and fiber. More than 60 farmers supplying Maine Grains pledge never to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their grain crops.


Relaxed and easily stretched. Light and structurally sound for your favorite toppings. The crust that stands out from the rest. Mild sourdough. Chewy, crunchy, memorable. Not just for pizza, this crust is ideal for bialys, focaccia, knots, stromboli, too.

Pizza Crust Mix by The Good Crust 11.5oz.

SKU: 850052902056
  • The Good Crust is Made From 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Spelt Flour, Sourdough, Water, Dry Active Instant Yeast, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil.

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