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Black Garlic Sea Salt delivers a burst of flavors, encompassing creaminess, sweetness, tanginess, savoriness, and a hint of balsamic notes. Delicious! Experience the flavor without the hassle; it's ready to sprinkle on anything you can dream up. From pizza to popcorn, it's a savory way to spice up your cooking routine!

NET WT  4.4 OZ

Kosher Certified
Made in United States

OSMO - Black Garlic Sea Salt

  • Flavor notes: Crunchy, creamy, sweet, garlicky with a hint of balsamic notes

    Texture: Crunchy & creamy

    Savor with: Pizza, popcorn, veggies, steak, fish, chicken, everything you can dream of!

    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Caramelized Garlic


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