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These tablets stand squarely on their own as the original recipe, which started Biddy’s Naturals. Use the Original for refreshing, invigorating vapors with strong decongesting qualities.


10 tabletsper box


Camphor Essential Oil: Eases headaches, calms the mind, decongests.
Cedar Leaf Essential Oil: Expectorant & enhances conscious thought.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Revitalizes the senses & stimulates mental focus.
Nutmeg Essential Oil: Energizing & uplifting; invigorates the mind & spirit.
Peppermint Essential Oil: Boosts energy & alertness. Clears the respiratory tract; alleviates anxiety & irritability.
Rosemary Essential Oil: Eases stress. Improves mood, alertness & energy.
Menthol Crystals: Temporarily relieves nasal congestion and discomfort.


Original Menthol Shower Steamers by Biddy's Naturals

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