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The Maple Block is produced with only one ingredient, organic pure Vermont maple syrup. Interestingly, maple blocks are not a new concept, in fact it was a preferred method for storing maple syrup back in the 1800’s. Mount Mansfield produce their own modern maple blocks using the same maple syrup they hand select to produce their maple candy. To use the block, simply grate or shave over just about anything including coffee or tea, a garden salad or grillables, or on top of ice cream. The delicate maple flavor will compliment just about any dish and the aroma of freshly grated maple is simply amazing. Unleash your inner foodie with The Maple Block, whether as a sweetener or garnish, the possibilities are endless. Net Weight 6.8oz
Made in United States

Mount Mansfield Maple The Maple Block

SKU: 850028260012
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