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Tart and fruity, this exquisite sumac is wild-harvested from the foothills of Mt. Lebanon, then sun-dried and finely ground. Very distantly related to cashew and baies roses pink pepper, sumac is commonly found in dishes all around the Mediterranean, as well as some Native American cuisines. Try this as a substitute for lemon juice or zest, or steep into a simple syrup to make pink lemonade!


Botanical Name: Rhus coriaria

Origin: Ain el Kabou, Lebanese Republic

Tasting Notes: Tart, astringent, tannic, berry, zesty, plum, citrus, fruity

Pairs Well With: Grain salad, hummus, falafel

Special Tips: The astringency of sumac means it will shine best as a garnish before serving, where it will naturally enhance the flavors of the dish, similar to salt

Lebanese Sumac by Curio Spice Co.

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