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This platter features a section of wispy orange-white glass, bordered by sections of transparent sea blue glass, and features Kiku's yin-yang koi drawing screen printed in orange enamel layered over a Japanese wave pattern, printed in light teal, then fused in a kiln to about 1400 degrees.  It is then cold worked on wet saws and grinders, then returned to the kiln to slump into a mold to about 1250 degrees.

It is about 7 1/2 x 15" x about 1/4" thick and, after fusing, is slumped into a sushi-style mold, making it about 1 1/2" tall at the corners.

These make great wedding and housewarming gifts. These make fantastic serving or cheese/charcuterie platters, and look equally fabulous on your table or hanging on the wall. They are food safe and while they are dishwasher safe (china cycle, please), we recommend hand washing (dishwasher detergent can etch glass over time, resulting in scratched and cloudy glassware). 

Kiku Handmade Koi 15" Platter

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