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It’s like French onion dip, only hangrier. A perfect party favor, this bold blend of seasonings makes a wonderfully zesty dip perfect to have on hand for any about 30 minutes time. You can expect an upfront smack of roasted California onions, and air-dried shallots, followed by a nice citrus tang, a bite of horseradish, and a little heat from our pequin chilies. 


  • Nut free, gluten free, vegan 
  • Medium spice 
  • Single-use pouch

Ocean State Pepper Co. "Hangry Onion" Dip Mix

SKU: 1946454417561
  • Roasted onion, minced onion, shallots, onion powder, granulated garlic, sea salt, parsley, lemon juice powder, pequin chilies, horseradish.

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