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Discover TRUE cave flavor! Limited Release bars are GFC's way of sharing the incredible fine flavor cacao they receive from farmers all over the world. They make only one batch so get yours before they're gone! GFC loved this cacao when they first tried it, and are extremely impressed with the fair and equitable way it’s produced. Semuliki cacao is produced by the Latitude Trade Company, a Ugandan registered social enterprise. The company employs four core management staff hailing from all corners of the country for procurement and operating the processing facility. Local farmers are engaged for mobilization of farmers and collection of fresh cocoa during harvest days. They also make their own chocolate, adding value and increasing the compensation for farmers. Flavor notes: Cocoa, brown fruit, white pepper.


Made in United States

Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans, organic sugar, freshly pressed single origin cocoa butter.

Goodnow Farms Chocolate - Semuliki Limited Release

SKU: 850491007770
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