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Limited Release bars are GFC's way of sharing the incredible fine flavor cacao and amazing flavor combinations. They make only one batch of each bar, so they’re only available for a limited time. GFC's Herbaceous Green Sichaun Dark Chocolate sourced from spice company 50 Hertz is truly unique. They always pair the natural flavor notes of their single origin chocolate with different complementary flavors, and this match up is spectacular. The herbal notes of their Peruvian Ucayali chocolate seamlessly meld with and carry the pine, floral and citrus notes of the Green Sichuan Pepper. And, the Ucayali chocolate already had a slightly cooling hit, but the Sichuan really amps it up for a cool breeze in the mouth after the lemon rush!


Single origin cacao beans, organic sugar, freshly pressed single origin cocoa butter, sichuan pepper.


Made in United States


Goodnow Farms Chocolate - Green Sichuan Pepper Limited Release

SKU: 850491007817
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