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Event Date:  Wednesday, May 29, 2024 (6:30-8:00pm)


Cantina Bolzano, known as Kellerai Bozen in the regional German tongue, epitomizes the rich winemaking heritage of South Tyrol, Italy. Boasting a collaboration of over 224 growers across 350 hectares of Bolzano’s premier vineyards, it stands as the region’s largest cooperative. This union traces back to 2001 when it merged with some of the area's oldest indigenous varietal producers, augmenting its already impressive array of vineyard sites scattered throughout Bolzano. The members of Cantina Bolzano pride themselves on being "young and full of vision for the future."

Alto Adige hosts a dozen cooperatives, collectively constituting 70% of the region's wine production. Originating around a century ago, many of these cooperatives emerged in the aftermath of World War I, a testament to their resilience during economic adversity. Contrary to misconceptions, cooperatives in Alto Adige do not produce low-quality, bulk wine. In fact, the growers, who co-own these cooperatives, are incentivized to pursue excellence as they receive dividends from profits rather than payment per volume.

Matthias Messner assumed a leadership role at Cantina Bolzano in mid-November 2022, joining forces with chief oenologist Stephan Filippi and chairman Philipp Plattner in co-managing the cooperative. Tasked with fostering collaboration among its 224 members, Messner also oversees efforts to ensure sustainable viticulture across all holdings.

Join us for an evening of food, wine and discussion as Matthias walks us through the challenges and triumphs for Cantina Bolzano.

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Educational Wine Series - The Wines of Alto Adige, Italy

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