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Indulge in the Vibrant Kick of Bornibus Green Peppercorn Mustard – a Bold Twist on Culinary Tradition.

Bornibus' Green Peppercorn Mustard is a celebration of flavor, masterfully blending the strength and spice of green peppercorns to elevate the taste of your dishes to new heights.

Every ingredient is chosen with purpose and precision:

1. Water, as pure as nature intended, for the perfect base
2. Mustard seeds, robust and full of character
3. A dash of vinegar to infuse each batch with a tart undertone
4. A pinch of salt to bring out the depth of flavors
5. Green peppercorns, meticulously selected, making up 0.5% of the recipe for that unique punch
6. Citric acid to preserve the mustard’s freshness naturally
7. Potassium metabisulfite, to ensure our mustard stays at its best


Committed to natural quality, Bornibus ensures this Mustard is:

1. Completely free from genetically modified organisms, maintaining the purity of their ingredients.
2. 100% Gluten-free.
3. Crafted without any added artificial flavors, letting the natural taste of the ingredients shine.
4. Lactose-free, perfect for those with dietary sensitivities.
5. Free of artificial colorants, presenting the mustard in its true golden hue.


Enhance your culinary creations with the distinctive flavor of Bornibus Green Peppercorn Mustard – the perfect companion for those who desire a gourmet touch in their kitchen.


Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, green pepper (0.5%), natural pepper flavour, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium disulphite.


Allergens: mustard, sulphites.

Bornibus Green Peppercorn Mustard 8.82 oz

SKU: 810053106624
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