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Made with junmai-grade sake from California and co-fermented with tart Montmorency cherries. This special co-fermented vinegar has the flavor profile of rice wine and the tannins of red wine. It does not taste explicitly like cherries but this unique vinegar would not be possible without them. Our Montmorency Cherry Rice Wine Vinegar is highly versatile and a must-have addition for rice-wine vinegar lovers.

AVW Montmorency Cherry Rice Wine Vinegar

SKU: 850009723079
  • Vinaigrettes, dressings, marinades, warm grain salads, roasted beets, cocktails and drinking shrubs. 

  • Size
    250ml glass bottle

    Perfect For
    Vinaigrettes, stir fries, rice dishes, and seafood. 

    Fermentation Base
    Junmai Sake

    Base Origin

    Taste Profile
    Delicate with only a slight hint of tart cherry and tannins. 

    Production Process
    Co-fermented with Montmorency cherries. Aged in 25 gallon American oak barrels.

    Minimum Acidity

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