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Eshcol, 2020


Trefethen Family Vineyards

Ripe, juicy flavors of plum, cherry, and raspberry are layered with notes of warming clove, black pepper, and cocoa. Full-bodied and balanced, this red blend is supported with a generous mouthfeel and long-lasting finish. This wine is food-friendly and ready to pair with casual dinners at home.

Eshcol, 2020


USA, California (Napa)


Varietal Composition:

Red Blend (53% Merlot 31% Cabernet Sauvignon 14% Malbec 1% Petit Verdot 1% Cabernet Franc)

Fun Facts:

Trefethan's winery was originally built back in 1886 at the center of Eshcol Ranch. The winery was built as a gravity-flow winery, where grapes were crushed on the third floor, fermented on the second, and aged on the first, utilizing the gentle force of gravity to move from one stage to the next. The Trefethan's purchased the winery in 1968 at a time when the old Eshcol facility had slipped into serious disrepair. The facility has seen two major renovations as an earthquake almost leveled the facility. The Eshcol label now rounds out the Trefethen portfolio as an introduction to their estate grown and sustainably produced wines.

Technical Data:

Fermentation Mode: 


Malolactic Fermentation: 


Maturation Mode & Time:

14 months in oak, 10% new

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